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- LEADERSHIP - Ability to motivate others through constructive management, positive team building & mentoring
- LIFE LEARNER - Up-to-date with the latest industry trends & techniques including multimedia & training software
- MULTIMEDIA DESIGNER - Skilled in; Graphic Design, Video & Editing, Illustrations & Photography
- EXPERIENCED TRAINER - Designed, developed & implemented curriculum for training programs & presentations


Over 16 years of experience in successfully creating and managing creative projects (multimedia, web, and print) from concept to completion, skillfully using Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Captivate) and Mac and Windows operating systems.


Public Affairs Specialist (Virtual Engagement Manager) (October 2015 to Present)
U.S. Army Recruiting Command - Fort Knox, KY

- Creates presentations, videos, animations, mobile applications and websites that have reached the Army worldwide, setting new records for Recruiting Commands social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram
- Reorganized and updated the current U.S. Army Recruiting Command websites both internal and external, and continue to update/maintain the website, using the PA policy, governing laws and regulations for public websites.
- After 3 months as a public affairs specialist, I was nominated and won civilian of the quarter for bringing knowledge and the latest technology to U.S. Army Recruiting Command's website and social media sites pushing new record breaking numbers never seen before.
- Builds multimedia presentations, creates infographics, creates social media informational and marketing content for both internal and external audiences for USAREC.
- Collaborates with the USAREC public affairs officer creating messages for news releases, radio/television scripts, feature articles, news conferences, social media memes, brochures, and pamphlets in the support of community relations for USAREC.
- Coordinates live stream events and teleconference operations of various types of visual support for entire recruiting headquarters.
- Proficient in conducting research and analysis of factors and elements that affect environments in support of the mission at hand.
- Creates national marketing videos with Army brand guidelines and visual information requirements from Army Marketing Research Group.
- Continuously keep the recruiting commands YouTube channel updated with new military occupation specialty videos, recruiting command messages and national commercials. 
-Maintains all hardware and software to build many different products in support of the recruiting mission.
- Recorded and edited many videos with U.S. Army Golden Knights to communicate the message from TRADOC and USAREC at several events through Social Media.
- Edited several commercial videos for the 2016 Army All-American bowl.
- With a great understanding of TRADOC's and USAREC's mission. Designs plans and executes a monthly strategic communications campaign for social media with both externally and internally targeted audiences.
- Leads a Team producing/directing a month virtual town hall meeting for the Commanding General of Recruiting command to all 9,000 recruiters live through google hangouts using audiovisual systems.
- Is the liaison for all staff directorates in command, managing all web content.
- Designed the user interface for the USAREC internal iKrome website used by 9,000 recruiters bringing in new recruits yearly.
- Manages a social media team that maintains USAREC's social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Instagram.
- Works with general officers/senior executive service directors of USAREC, assisting in their twitter accounts.
- Displays imaginative thinking in creating, presentation, print, visual, web-based, multimedia, and video materials to drive web traffic to
- Maintains the U.S. Army branding consistently throughout the USAREC websites & social media sites.
- Provides layout/design of a variety of communication products for USAREC through writing, researching, and planning.
- Creates command presentations and event-oriented video products comprised of capturing, editing and compiling video, uploading of final products.
- Edited and mastered 30-second videos for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using Adobe Premiere and After Effects with a green/blue screen backdrop.
- Educates, informs and promotes awareness to the command of the proper way to use social media for USAREC's various audiences.
- Works close with the chief of public affair weekly developing deadlines and goals for social media and featured articles for command news.
- Leading command strategic communications working group between USAREC's G6 web team and HRC's G6 web team to transfer the website from its current outdated web content management system into a new robust web content management system.

Visual Information Specialist (MULTIMEDIA) (October 2012 to 2015)
U.S. Army Recruiting Command - Fort Knox, KY

- Created & animated a presentation to represent a critical shortage in the Army recruiting mission, resulting in Pentagon leaders to increase training seats allocation to ensure the success of the 2015 recruiting mission
- Created the St. Patrick's Day campaign "Paint the Army green" message resulting in achieving the top Army Facebook post ever with 3,300+ shares, reaching more than 1 million on Facebook, and over 90 retweets including the Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Raymond T. Odierno
- Developed and designed the "Leader Development Training" mobile app and website that provides professional development for over 900 Recruiting command leaders
- Assisted in development of the Commanding General's new TRUST campaign training; edited three videos facilitating the training of 142 Soldiers as facilitators to train over 9,000 recruiters within USAREC
- Assisted in development of the training development website producing a one-stop location that delivers resources and manages multi-level communication for over 12,000 disperse personnel across the command
- Conducted interviews, edited & added motion graphics to 11 "What Right looks like" training videos, reaching 17,000 Soldiers & Civilians nationally and overseas
- Served as Editor and added motion graphics to 7 Google training videos reaching 6 brigades nationally & overseas to support USAREC's technological transformation
- Served as Editor & added motion graphics to 8 Windows Tablet training videos reaching 44 battalions nationally & overseas.
- Designed over 200 graphics, charts, and covers for all of recruiting commands regulations & doctrine

Social Media & Multimedia Specialist (October 2011 to October 2012)
Serco (U.S. Army Contractor) Fort Knox, KY

- Wrote policies & procedures for use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube for all the U.S.Army ACAP Centers around the world
- Instructed 106 co-workers on the U.S. Army's social media policies & procedures via Defense Connection Online (DCO)
- Monitored 53 Facebook and Twitter page groups and maintained the website
- Maintained the Army branding by keeping the brand consistent throughout the websites & social media sites
- Displayed imaginative thinking in creating, newsletters, magazine ads, posters, & brochures to drive web traffic to as well as ACAP center pages
- Designed & developed an extensive network, as well as constructing an architecture system to maintain all social media Sites
- Vital decision maker for website, social media, print and mobile marketing concepts & products based on U.S. Army Career &Alumni Program Marketing needs/plans
- Develop national web/social media to support the Army Soldiers transitioning from the Military life back to civilian life
- Planned, organized, and directed, on a national level, strategic information programs in support of major U.S. Army Career & Alumni Program, projects, programs, & strategies.

Multimedia Developer/Marketing Specialist (November 2006 to October 2011)
Northrop Grumman (U.S. Army Contractor) Fort Knox, KY

- Member of the goarmy web team that won "Best government website" 2010
- Ensures proper media formats are produced for the web and licensing programs
- Designed countless t-shirts, newsletters, magazine ads, posters, brochures, stationeries, graphics, and characters, to drive web traffic to (Original creator of the U.S. Army Twitter bird).
- Creative techniques, architecture, and artistic skill to build websites and mobile apps for U.S Army
- Maintain to keep themes fresh, modern and focused towards target audiences
- Manage the advertising mission in web/mobile
- Builds interactive Flash, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android apps for
- Devises proper design, page layout and composition meeting Client needs
- Provided alternate proposal layout and design for million-dollar Army contracts under extremely tight deadlines
- Maintain fast-paced environment that involves the production of Army recruiting advertising for the Advertising Division (Strategic Outreach Director)
- Strategic planning web media, print, text, mobile, marketing concepts and products based on U.S. Army Accessions Command's recruiting Marketing Plan
- Develop national media concepts, plans and programs to support items used in support of the Army's national recruiting effort


BFA Visual Communications, Digital Design Concentration (2009 - 2010)
American Intercontinental University
GPA: 3.96

MFA Media Design (2012 - 2013)
Fullsail University
GPA: 3.75

Instructional Design and Technology Graduate Certificate (2014)
Fullsail University
GPA: 4.0

Internet Marketing Graduate Certificate (2015)
Fullsail University
GPA 3.13

Splash Media U - Master Social Media Certification 2016

Department of Information School (DINFOS)- Video Production/Documentation & Basic Still Photography (2000) Online Training Library (OTL) Academic Program(2008 - Present)
Avid Certified User Program (2006)
NCO Primary Leadership Development Course (2004)
United States Army Basic Training(2000)